Composting Toilets

Sun Mar Composting Toilets The easy solution for camps, garage, and off grid home toilets.

Composting is made clean and efficient with Sun-Mar. Stop by to shop our selection of toilets and composting supplies.

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No messy clean outs

The finished compost is deposited into the compost tray by cranking counter-clock-wise. The tray is then removed and dumped.

Meet NSF standards

A Sun Mar toilet complies with NSF standards. Therefore it will pass all building codes as an alternative to a septic system.

Off grid options

Sun Mar toilets are available in electric or non electric, making them compatible in almost any scenario.

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Composting Toilets

Excel NE

Non Electric
2-3 Adult Residential use
5-7 Adults Vacation use


Requires Electric
3-5 Adults Residential use
6-8 Vacation use


Requires Electric
1 Adult Residential use
3-4 Vacation use

Dry Toilet

Use with Centrex Units for the dry application.

Centrex 300

3-5 Adults Residential use
6-8 Vacation use

Centrex 200

4-6 Adult Residential use
7-9 Vacation use

How Composting toilets work

 From the toilet bowl waist fall directly in the the composting camber

In the rotating compost chamber liquids are absorbed and evaporated , waist is mixed with bulking material.

 Finished compost is removed through the finishing drawer under the chamber.

Composting Supplies

Compost Quick

Use compost quick to clean your composting toilet. Compost Quick also accelerates the composting actions of a Sun-Mar toilet.

Microbe Mix

Use at start up and as a monthly addative. 100% Natural product combining a blend of microbes ans enzymes designed to start and accelerate composting in all Sun-Mar toilets.

Compost Sure

Compost Sure is added to a Sun-Mar at start up as well as one scoop per use. Compost Sure is specially formulated to keep compost enriched with organic carbon, moist and maintain porosity ensuring maximum aeration.

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