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ETi Solid State Lighting 2′ Wrap Light

ETi Solid State Lighting

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ETi SSL’s 2ft. Wrap Light offers a low profile space saving solution that saves you time and money. With an installed profile length of 2’, it is ideally suited for spaces limited by available width. The compact form factor makes this an ideal light fixture for walk-in closet, kitchen, storage room, garage, or basement. This 2ft. Wrap Light has slip tabs for easy lens removal and quick connects for easy installation.

Our 2ft. Wrap Light is approved for use in damp locations and delivers 1,859 lumens of extremely uniform ambient 4000K illumination. This fixture is rated to operate reliably from -20oC (-4oF) and in high ambient 45oC (113oF) applications. The 2ft. Wrap Light provides long-lasting maintenance free operation thanks to its reported 88.87% lumen maintenance @ 60,000 hours and projected L70 @ 178,000 hours.

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