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Usg Sheetrock® Brand Midweight™ Joint Compound

USG Corporation

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Vinyl formulation makes it an ideal drywall mud for finishing over fasteners, bead and trim.

Weighs up to 15% less than conventional-weight compounds, is easier working and sanding, and provides lower shrinkage for metal bead, trim, and fastener concealment. Sheetrock® Brand Midweight™ Joint Compound’s special vinyl formulation makes it ideal for embedding tape and for filling, leveling, and finishing over gypsum panel joints, fasteners, bead, and trim.


Sheetrock® Brand Midweight™ Joint Compound is an easy working and sanding, high-performance joint compound with multiple applications: embedding paper tape; filling, leveling, and finishing gypsum panel joints, fasteners, bead, and trim; skim-coating; and hand-applying simple textures.
  • Weighs up to 15-percent less than conventional-weight compounds
  • Features low shrinkage, excellent slip, good crack-resistance, and strong bonding, even under humid job conditions
  • Delivers more open time, facilitating working back — even under fast drying conditions — by providing more wet-edge life, preventing the rolling and tearing of previously laid compound
  • Meets ASTM C47

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